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- see your progress
     - save your ideas
- increase the chances of success
     - learn from mistakes
- learn to express your thoughts
     - improve skills

Everything is in Russian. No chance to stop. ))

Plan you Russian studying for the whole year.
+ 12 grammar notes
+ progress tracker
Watch video how to use it.

Price: 13$


this is the dictionary for self-studying

- learn new Russian words
     - make lexis Mind map
- put words in topic list
     - learn synonyms and antonyms

You will have all new Russian words in one place.
It will be easy to continue your studies or to make first steps in Russian.

Price: 10$


This are ready-made lessons on various topics: interesting classes on songs, films, videos, books and various lexical topics.

Topics for self-study lessons

It is ideal for self-study. You can do it yourself anywhere and anytime.

1 month = 4 lessons
Every Monday - 1 cool lesson.
(you receive link on colorful printable lesson)

Subscribe for one month: 15$
Price for one lesson: 5$


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